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We created Luep because of our faith and our passion for freedom.

Our dream was to create a secure, social platform where everyone feels empowered and free to connect and collaborate in new ways.

Our Values


We are Transparent. are Creators. are to Empower.


To Glorify God by providing an ultimate global platform in which all users feel safe and secure to connect and grow in all areas of relationships, communities, and organizations.


To use our God-given talents to fight for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and protection of data, so that users can feel empowered to share what is on their mind without fear.


Let us engage people.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved technology and coding. I wrote my first piece of software at 4 years old. As our society has progressed, I have stayed on the forefront as much as possible to see where we are heading. When the first social platforms were birthed, I was elated at the possibilities for what this would mean for spreading the gospel and connecting with people around the world,  unfortunately there was a cost associated with it. It is the cost of freedom and privacy.  When I realized what was happening and what this was pointing too, I began building a global communication alternative for people, churches and businesses. A new social network, untouched by government and manipulation. A place where people were safe to communicate and build relationships. A hub where freedom of speech still meant something.